Keep Your Garage Door Working Properly

We provide garage door maintenance services in the Herculaneum, Arnold & Chesterfield, MO area

The best way to extend the life of your garage door is to schedule routine garage door maintenance. The expert at Elite Overhead Doors, LLC can carefully inspect your garage door and recommend the necessary service.

Catch your garage door problems before they turn into more expensive issues. Call 314-221-6951 today to schedule a garage door inspection in Herculaneum, Arnold, Chesterfield, MO or surrounding areas.

Give your garage door a little TLC

After years of consistent use, your garage door will need basic maintenance. Elite Overhead Doors can help keep your door operating smoothly. As part of our garage door inspection services, a technician can:

  • Lubricate your opener chain
  • Adjust your garage door springs
  • Tighten any loose hardware

Don't let a broken door trap your car in the garage. Contact us today to arrange for garage door maintenance services near the Herculaneum, Arnold & Chesterfield, MO area.